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Plague bubo is treated with antibiotics. They are used intramuscularly and inside inflammation.

Be sure to sow the secretions of Baclofen, followed by the isolation of pure plague bacteria from it in the laboratory for a more detailed study. When diagnosing plague, it is important to understand its distinctive features from tularemia (its ulcerative bubonic form). They lie in the fact that with tularemia there is no pain during palpation of the affected lymph nodes.

Therapy of the plague is carried out exclusively by specialized hospitals, or, if necessary, in temporarily organized hospitals. During treatment, disinfection of the secretions of the infected is mandatory. All objects with which there was an interaction are necessarily subjected to special processing. All actions are carried out by the personnel only in the presence of special protective suits. The most effective drugs that are prescribed for major cases of plague are tetracycline, used orally, and streptomycin, administered intramuscularly.

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A mandatory requirement for the detection of the virus is the isolation of lioresal pills patient from other people. Persons in contact with the patient are subjected to isolation. Septic processing of the place of residence is carried out, quarantine is imposed on the settlement, people are immunized with a vaccine. For prevention, constant monitoring of the number of rodents is also carried out, and pest control is carried out according to a strict scheme.

Except them, it hurtssymptomatic therapy is attributed to him, which helps to cope with other manifestations of the consequences of a terrible infection. The patient continues to recover successfully after three negative bacteriological cultures. Then, after a month at the hospital, the patient is discharged, and he is registered with the infectious disease specialist for another 3 months.

The bacteria Yersinia pestis is deadly to humans. They cause an acute infectious disease called bubonic plague. The disease spreads quite quickly among people. It is characterized by inflammatory processes in the lymph nodes. The death rate from the disease is extremely high. Usually the disease is spread by rodents, namely mice, rats, voles. Often, infection occurs through damaged skin of the animal. The incubation period for this form of the disease usually lasts only 2-3 days. At the end of this period, a person feels a strong malaise with characteristic signs of pathology. Among the main symptoms are:

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It is the bubonic plague that can be diagnosed quite easily.

In addition to the general symptoms, people have small spots of lioresal online. They are localized where there were bites of small animals or insects. Gradually, the spot becomes larger, filled with pus and blood. A pustule is formed, which bursts after a certain time.

By this time, the patient has specific symptoms characteristic of this particular form of the disease

Bubonic plague is caused by a specific bacterium. However, there are certain risk factors that weaken the body's defenses. These include: The infection usually enters the human body after contact with wild rodents, especially dead ones. Fleas that live on dogs and cats can also be carriers of the bacteria. Infection also occurs from person to person through coughing or saliva.

After infection, the disease develops in approximately the same way in different population groups:

On the second day, the inflammatory process in the lymph nodes becomes more and more. Gradually, a bubo is formed. Bacteria penetrate into different parts of the body, the infection spreads at a high speed. Secondary ulcers appear on the body. On day 4-5, the buboes become softer. A week and a half after infection, baclofen pill usually collapses on its own. Fistulas appear at the site of each wound.